The urban development plan for children

A “path within a path” which aims to systematize the different actions already promoted by the Prato UNICEF committee with the workshops provided within the Prato al Futuro participatory process in order to test, from a collaborative perspective, the active participation tools which see the involvement of children and teenagers and, in parallel, their main mediators (teachers, educators, volunteers, etc…).
In line with the entire participatory process, the younger residents will be involved in the definition of a real concept of urban space through the graphic and exciting representation of the city and, by producing mapping material, they will be accompanied on a path of familiarisation with the (obviously simplified) language of planning.
To prepare the workshops and ensure maximum replicability, educators (teachers, staff of cooperatives, librarians, instructors, etc…) will be offered interactive training time so they can deliver their methods and tools to repeat the experience in other schools or contexts in which children will participate.
The material collected during the activities will be delivered, both physically and symbolically, by children to the city during the first event of the “event month” on public space.