The participatory process is broken down into two levels that develop simultaneously: on the one hand, through the activities organized in the thematic event months, the city and its citizens are asked to show an interest in the big issues of the new Operational Plan – the connections, the environment and agriculture, the heritage to be regenerated and public space – to jointly construct the story of the big transformations of the city. On the other hand, it is the new Operational Plan that takes an interest in the city, through the tour of the Mobile Station which moves around in the districts of the city to offer information, understand the needs and gather recommendations, also in game mode as the Map contest.
The Prato al Futuro participatory process has been designed to be as inclusive as possible. The activities planned between September and December, although open to everyone, have been designed each time for different types of residents and stakeholders.
Each thematic event month starts off with a public event, the crowdlab, intended as a moment of inspiration for all residents. The monthly programme continues with entertainment designed in particular for citizens and workshops organized for stakeholders (economic operators, entrepreneurs etc.), representatives of associations and committees active in the region. The event month closes with a technical translation experience dedicated to professionals, technical experts and “industry insiders.”
A special edition is planned for children: The Operational Plan for Children.
The participation programme is supported by information and communication activities, at local, national and international level, so the discussion on the new Operational Plan can be followed through the blog, on social networks, TV, radio and in daily newspapers, and more can be learned about the topics through the information provided in the get to know section, the glossaries that explain the words used in the Plan and the guide to the new Operational Plan.
To participate, consult the calendar, choose the event that most appeals to you or that is closest to your home, and bring your ideas!